Portwest GPS Lone Worker Personal Alarm Safety Device: PB10

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The Portwest GPS Locator V1 is a low-powered, wireless, geolocation device. Personal Alarm

Can be attached to any safety garment or PPE to provide real-time location information about the wearer.

Fitted with a long life battery and built in alert button and always ‘on’ function.

The device is a must for workers in a wide range of work environments.

GPS location data automatically sends when alert button is pressed

Send up to 5 types of alerts using the built in alert button
Rechargeable li-ion polymer long battery life lasts one month
Using Sigfox network for connectivity the device does not need a phone or sim card
Establish a virtual boundary that will trigger an alert when moved in or out of a designated area

Includes 1 Year Sigfox Subscription
Portwest Annual Sigfox Subscription - £26.95

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