Latex Powder Free Disposable Glove Clear: GL888

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GL888 Latex PF™ is a minimal risk powder free latex disposable glove, offering protection against contamination, dirt and potential irritants in low risk situations. Made from latex, the GL888 is extremely soft, pliable and strong, all characteristic attributes of natural rubber. Its exceptional elasticity is neither constricting or restrictive, providing maximum flexibility and comfort even when worn for long periods. It has a textured finish offering increased grip and secure handling, and it is powder free reducing the risk of product contamination. With a beaded cuff adding strength, the GL888 Latex PF™, which has an AQL rating of 4.0, is a reliable choice, providing good durability, resilience and comfort.
Typically used for:
Local Authority Work
Light Duty Maintenance
Painting & Decorating
Hospital & Clinical Duties
Automotive Maintenance & Repair
Case Quantity:
100 gloves per dispenser
10 dispensers per case
Priced per box of 1000 pairs